Finnish Spitz Puppies at Kinsol Kennels BC

5 lovely Finnish Spitz puppies born at Kinsol Kennels on January 4th: 4 boys and a girl.

Our litter theme is from our daughter and it’s from “Murdoch Mysteries“. So, the names are, RED Reid, BLUE is Newsome, PURPLE is William, SILVER is Llewelyn and the girl is Acee.

All are doing extremely well including mama and growing like crazy!

These pictures are over the last week. They are raised in our home as pampered family pets. Currently family members have been over to help socialize the puppies to new things and people. Next week we have friends coming over to promote the interaction with different individuals and experiences.

Puppies will be ready to be placed into their furrever homes in March

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Glyn & Tanya Trafford

Kinsol Kennels