The Finnish Spitz is the National Dog of Finland

Origin of the breed: Finnish Spitz originated in Finland and was originally bred for hunting birds and small game such as squirrels and rats, although some are known to also hunt large animals such as elk and bears

A common nickname for the Finnish Spitz is “Finkie.”

In Finland the hunting ability of the dog is so valued that no Finnish Spitz may earn a championship without proving first his/her hunting ability.

In Finland there are annual contests to select a “King of the Barkers.”


The Finnish Spitz breed barks at anything they perceive as being out of the ordinary. Barking is a major part of their hunting activities. In Finland, these dogs are prized for their barking abilities, which can range from short, sharp barks to many barks per minute that sound like a yodel. In Scandinavia, a competition is held to find the “King of the Barkers.” The Finnish Spitz can bark as many as 160 times per minute. In Finland, their barking ability in the field must be proven before a conformation championship can be earned. When used as a hunting companion, the barking is a way for the hunter to know where the dog has located prey in the forest. They can be trained to reduce the amount of barking, although the barking does make them superb watchdogs.