The Finnish Spitz is a naturally clean dog and their coats are not oily, so they do not emit an odor. Their double coats shed moderately throughout the year, and twice a year they shed heavily. Weekly brushing will keep the coat in good condition and prevent hair from making its way to the floor and furniture. Brush the coat two to three times per week in Spring and Fall. It is extremely important to brush the coat of the Finnish Spitz. Loose and dead hair from the undercoat that is not properly removed from the body can get trapped and lead to serious skin problems. They only require bathing as needed, and they do not require any clipping or trimming of the coat, except possibly under the foot pads.

Weekly brushing of the teeth will help keep gums healthy, prevent tartar buildup and keep breath fresh. Trim the nails if they click on hard floors, but active dogs will usually wear their nails down naturally.