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Building and conceiving website is absolutely not my job but I always loved technology and all the amazing things some professionals can do with a computer : Photo edition, website creation, … So I build myself (with some help from my husband who is in technologies) my first 2 websites for my own dogs and kennel.
When I join the CFSC in 2014, I offered to work on a website for our club to Til who really enjoyed and appreciate the idea. So, who was my 3rd website was released in 2015. We all enjoyed the result for many years but as some of you may know, this website was getting old and was not working properly anymore. Many bugs that I couldn’t fix myself… My husband tried to help but it would have been too much work to make that old website working properly again…
So here we are, 7 years later with a brand-new version, with a fresh new look of !
I hope you will love the result and if you find something wrong, please tell me about it so I could work on it.

CFSC VP and breeder at Inugami Finnish Spitz

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New breeder referral with individual pages for all our breeders