Glyn & Tanya Trafford

Kinsol Kennels

Here at Kinsol, we are dedicated to breeding and preserving this primitive breed.

Our breeding program is not about making money or whelping as many puppies as we can. Our belief is to breed small numbers of high quality dogs.

First concern for Kinsol Kennels is health. All our litters are bred from parents that have their heart, eyes, and elbows fully tested and approved through OFA. The Finnish Spitz is a generally healthy breed that we believe should remain pure and with very few genetic health issues. Our second concern is temperament. Finnish Spitz are a feisty dog that should be free of aggressiveness or shyness but should remain true to their spitz-like personalities.

Kinsol Kennels is passionate about this breed and have made a commitment to sharing the Finnish Spitz to families worthy of them.

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